What is the Kabbalah Tree of life?

The Kabbalah Tree of life is a mystical structure created by the Hebrews as a configuration for their magical thoughts. It is formed of 32 paths, which is comprised of the ten Sephiroth, that includes twenty-two paths linking them. It comprises of both feminine and masculine qualities. Kabbalah pays more attention to the feminine aspects of God.

Sephira comes from the word Sephir, it is normally interpreted as a letter, a number or a book but the main idea is pattern or information. The ideas intersect the Sephiroth, the Elements and the Zodiac.
The Sephiroth operates on a numerical progression. The ideas related to to the first one naturally lead on to the ideas related to the second, and so forth. The Sephiroth, when referred to by number, are always presented in their descending order, in their order of emanation. However, the task of the esoteric is to move the awareness in their reverse order, this method is called "The Way of Return".

The Kabbalah Structure of the Tree of Life

The structure composes of three columns.
The column on the left is identified as the Pillar of Severity. It symbolizes the feminine side of man and it is comprised of three Sephira: the Binah for Understanding, Geburah for Severity and Hod for Splendor.
The column on the right is identified as the Pillar of Mercy. It symbolizes the masculine side of man and comprises of three Sephira: the Chokmah for Wisdom, Chesed for Mercy and Netzach for Victory.
The center pillar is known as the Pillar of Equilibrium. It symbolizes the balance between the masculine and feminine pillars. It is comprised of four Sephira: the Kether, which is the crown, the Tiphareth for beauty, the Yesod the foundation and Malkuth the Kingdom.

The highest Sefira known as Kether, portrays the presence of God within his creation, while Malkuth,the lowest Sefira describes the matter (our planet, the mundane). Amid these two entities, there is the human awareness, which is held inside the Sefira Tiferet. Amid the awareness and the mundane lies the subconscious world represented by the Sefira Yesod.

There is a natural tendency to look at the Tree as a series of discrete objects and not as the unified, undifferentiated whole it really is, and the paths let us start the method of reintegrating the Tree by researching the relationships between pairs of the Sefirot. A careful understanding of two Sefirot and the path between them produce a new unit of understanding that can then be combined with other components. Tree of life hebrew

A solid perception of the Sefirot is needed before any path may be conveniently meditated upon and followed, and a path is comprehended by way of studying, visualization, sympathy and guided meditation. The knowledge of the Sefirot that is connected by the path and the messages of the path itself are a significant part of this process. One last recognition of the pillars that's well worth meditating upon is that of the three precepts to explanation, which can relate to the pillars of severity, compassion and kindness respectively: self-discipline, self-knowledge and self-fulfillment.

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