Star of David Bracelet

This collection of Kabbalah bracelet s is entirely handcrafted in Israel. A Kabbalah bracelet often includes prominent motifs from the Jewish tradition such as the Shema Yisrael prayer, traditional Ben Porat Yosef and Hamsa hand believed to bring blessing and protection from the evil eye. Additionally, a Kabbalah bracelet also features Kabbalist spiritual keys that mediate between the spiritual world and the material world such as the 72 names of God. According to Kabbalah, these spiritual keys are auspicious of Success, Health, Prosperity, Love and Divine Protection. A Kabbalah bracelet is a wonderful way to draw positive changes into your life.

Ha'Ari Kabbalah

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  • Hebrew inscribed Star of Jacob Kabbalah Pendant

    This sterling silver and 9K gold Star of David pendant is one of our most unique pieces. Set with Chrysoberyl gem (Cat's eye) the pendant includes several Jewish and Kabbalist motifs and...
  • Ana BeKoach Kabbalah Bracelet by HaAri

    This Kabbalah bracelet is a unique Jewish amulet for blessing and empowerment. Made of leather, the unisex Kabbalah bracelet includes a silver and gold disc. The disc features the Star...

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