Health Amulet

Kabbalah has ascribed many Kabbalist tools to help us stay in good health and overcome sickness. One of these tools is the 72 Names of God. The sequence Mem-Hey-Shin, which is one of the 72 names, is believed to possess a special quality for bringing health and cure. A health amulet might also be inscribed with quotes from sacred sources that have become a virtue for cure. One of these quotes is Moses' plea to God to cure his sister Miriam who becomes leper (Rapeh Na La): "Heal her now, O God, I beseech Thee.' (Book of Numbers, 12:13). A health amulet often includes popular Jewish motifs that are believed to fight negative energies such as the Hamsa Hand and the Star of David, as well as codes that help reduce tension and stress. By including these spiritual keys, a health amulet draws energies to the bearer that strengthen body and soul.

Ha'Ari Kabbalah

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