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Since its establishment, about ten years ago, HaAri jewelry has worked to strengthen the bond and familiarity with Kabbalist and Jewish sources and to the Jewish roots by designing high-quality inspiring jewelry pieces. Each of our handmade pieces carries a meaning, a tale, history and accumulated knowledge. 

We design and create in our two studios in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. To us each piece is a world on its own. It is important to us that the meaning and story will be a part of you too.

I have always felt natural attraction to unique and meaningful Jewish jewelry pieces. I have spent years studying, researching and looking for rare and inspiring pieces in museums across Israel and the world, family members and collectors and in the ancient books by those who continued HaAr's way. HaAri , Rabi Yizhak Luria, is one of the greatest minds in the world of the kabbalah. All these have led me to create special, authentic and spiritual jewelry according to the knowledge I have acquired and gathered. 

Friends liked what they saw, a friend brought a friend and now in HaAri Jewelry we create meaningful pieces inspired by sacred sources. We recreate the original and beautiful jewelry and amulets , the mystical symbols of Judaism and add a lot of soul. 

HaAri jewelry company sales its unique products in shops and museums in Israel and the world. All products are made in Israel. They get a personal touch and are all handmade. The jewelry pieces are inscribed with verses from Jewish sources ( the bible or Jewish tradition or kabbalist writings. The pieces are meticulously made from silver and gold and have original signature by HaAri jewelry. 

You're invited to read the articles on our site , enrich yourself , comment, and share your knowledge with us, whether coming for Judaism, other cultures, grandparents, stories you've heard. We'd be happy if you share it with all of us.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like some more information. We have a small but very capable, friendly work team who are ready to help in every way they can.
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