The Ha'Ari Kabbalah Jewelry Company designs and sells beautiful jewelry with a rich history rooted in Jewish mystical tradition. Every creation has a story, meaning and a wealth of information behind it. Every piece is a world unto itself. When you purchase a piece of Ha’Ari jewelry, the meaning and story become a part of you.

Our founders have always felt natural attraction to unique and meaningful Jewish jewelry pieces. Ha’Ari Kabbalah Jewelry Company was created after many years studying Kabbalah, researching and looking for rare and inspiring pieces of Kabbalah jewelry across Israel and the world. We are passionate about creating meaningful pieces inspired by sacred sources.

We design and create in our two studios in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. We take great pride in the precision with which we work, from design to material selection and creation. The jewelry pieces are inscribed with verses from Jewish sources from the Torah, Jewish tradition or Kabbalist writings, and every piece is stamped with an original stamp bearing the Ha’Ari name and an indication of the number of karats contained in the piece.

The word ‘Kabbalah’ in Hebrew literally means to receive, referring to the oral teachings that have been delivered by Kabbalists from generation to generation. In the past, Kabbalah teachings included a limited number of people who were the mystical practitioner of Kabbalah. Nowadays, the wisdom of Kabbalah is much more accessible. People can learn about and enjoy the tools that Kabbalah provides to promote positive changes in their lives. The Kabbalah spiritual keys hold energy that supports creating powerful positive changes in one’s life. Kabbalah jewelry enables the wearer to bear these special amulets continuously wherever they go.

Ha'Ari Kabbalah Jewelry is a uniquely meaningful gift for oneself, relatives, or friends back home as a reminder of one's journey inside and out. Attractive, deeply meaningful and rooted in tradition, it is sure to accompany the wearer for many years to come.

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