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We have gathered here a beautiful collection of handmade jewelry featuring the Hamsa hand. The Hamsa hand is an ancient motif that is believed to ward off the evil eye. Made of silver and gold, each piece is a unique luck charm for blessing and protection.

Ha'Ari Kabbalah

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  • Hamsa Dafna Silver Pendant for Love & Health

    Made from Sterling Silver, this unusual Hamsa pendant features a Garnet gem hanging in the middle. The inscription of Aleph-Lamed-Dalet with the name Ben Porat Yosef is believed to provide strong protection against the...
  • Hamsa Necklace for Matchmaking

    This unique Hamsa necklace is an exclusive design by HaAri studio. Made of sterling silver and 9K gold, the pendant is shaped as a  beautiful Hamsa hand. Hamsa hand is...
  • Hamsa Necklace - Bat Miriam

    This unique Hamsa necklace is composed of two parts. The front, made of 9K Gold, is delicately decorated to give the Hamsa a shape that resembles a flower or a bell. The second part,...
  • Double Hamsa Pendant - Silver and Gold

    This beautiful Hamsa pendant is made of two Hamsa hand designs, one is from Sterling Silver, and the other from Solid Gold. Along the Silver Hamsa there are delicate palm lines engraved in with...
  • Double Hamsa Hand Pendant - Silver Design

    This Hamsa pendant is comprised of two Hamsa hand designs, made of sterling silver. Along the Silver Hamsa hand there are delicate palm lines engraved with their corresponding meaning :...
  • Ruth Pendant Gold & Silver Hamsa Pendant Set with Turquoise

    This Hamsa pendant is made of two parts, one is from shaped as gold Hamsa hand and the other from silver. At the heart of the Hamsa is a turquoise...
  • Made With Love In Israel

    All our Kabbalah jewelry is handmade with love in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

  • Dafna Gold Hamsa Pendant with Star of David

    This Hamsa-shaped frame, made from 9 K Gold, is decorated with a hanging Gold Star of David. At the heart of the Star of David is a Garnet gem.The Hamsa...
  • Hamsa Kabbalah Pendant for Good Fortune and Health by HaAri

    In this unique design, a silver disc envelops a cut out Hamsa with a dangling golden Hamsa hand. The Hamsa hand is gold plate.The Hamsa hand, or Chamesh hand in Jewish tradition...
  • Gold Hamsa Kabbalah Ring by HaAri

    This special design includes a beautiful hanging Hamsa hand made of gold . This beautiful Kabbalah ring is hand made from 9K gold and set with a delicate diamond. According...
  • Ethnic Kabbalah Hamsa Pendant by HaAri

    This beautiful Hamsa pendant is a unique Jewish talisman for protection and luck. Hamsa hand is a traditional Jewish motif that is believed to bring good fortune and ward off the evil eye. Beautifully decorated...
  • Ruth Pendant Gold & Silver Hamsa Pendant Set with Amethyst

    This Hamsa pendant is made of two parts, one is from shaped as gold Hamsa hand  and the other from silver. At the heart of the Hamsa is an Amethyst gem....
  • Tikun Hava Hamsa Pendant

    This extraordinary sterling silver Hamsa pendant features a triple Star of David, made from 9K gold. This special and powerful structure is known as Tikun Hava.Tikun Hava consists of three...
  • Ha'Ari Kabbalah


  • Kabbalah Hamsa Necklace for Health and Protection

    This impressive Hamsa pendant is beautifully decorated in sterling silver by the craftsmen of HaAri Jewelry studio. The Hamsa pendant also features five metals. According to the Kabbalah, the blending of the five...
  • Gold Star of David Pendant with Hamsa Hand by HaAri

    This Star of David pendant is made of 9k gold with an onyx gem at its heart. The reverse side of the pendant is decorated with three 9 K Gold Hamsa hands.The...

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