Evil Eye Bracelet

We have gathered here a unique collection of handcrafted evil eye bracelets, all made in Israel. Kabbalah discusses the potentially negative effects of resentful stare of strangers. Accordingly, the most popular motifs in Kabbalah bracelets are used for protection against this envious stare, better known as the evil eye.
The Red String is an unpretentious bracelet worn on the left wrist for protection against the evil eye, a powerful negative force. A novel red string bracelet would be cut from a longer piece of red string which was enclosed around the tomb of Rachel (the matriarch of the Bible). Other talismans that thwart the evil eye include Hamsa jewelry accessories, fish (because fish live in the water, they are safe from the spiteful glare) and eye symbols. 

Ha'Ari Kabbalah

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