Kabbalah Bracelets

Ha'Ari Kabbalah bracelets are entirely handcrafted in Israel. Jewish bracelets often feature motifs such as the Shema Yisrael prayer, traditional Ben Porat Yosef and Hamsa hand believed to bring blessing and protection from the evil eye. They may also feature Kabbalist spiritual keys that mediate between the spiritual world and the material world such as the 72 names of God, which call in success, health, prosperity, love and divine protection. A Kabbalah bracelet is a wonderful way to draw positive changes into your life.

Ha'Ari Kabbalah

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  • Red Kabbalah Bracelet with Ana BeKoach by HaAri

    Inspired by the red string motif, this extraordinary Kabbalah bracelet is a powerful Jewish amulet. Made from leather and silver, the bracelet features the Ana Beckoach prayer. Ana Beckoach is...
  • 72 Names of G-D Silver kabbalah bracelet

    This beautiful link-bracelet interlinks the 72 names of the creator. The bracelet contains secret insights through which one can obtain balance in all areas of life. "And the angel of...
  • Ben Porat Yoseph Kabbalah Bracelet for Protection by HaAri

    Take a look at this beautiful Kabbalah bracelet. It is a leather bracelet with a silver ring inscribed in Hebrew. The Kabbalah inspired bracelet features the famous blessing Ben Porat...
  • The Kind Eye Black Evil Eye Leather Bracelet inlaid with Turquoise

    Check this unique Kabbalah bracelet for protection against the evil eye. The Kabbalah bracelet is inscribed in Hebrew powerful protection motifs. Made from leather, the silver part is inlaid with a...
  • "Ben Porat Yosef" bracelet with red thread

    Gold and Silver "Ben porat yoseef" bracelet with red thread .The verse Ben Porat Yoseph Alei Ayne is taken from the book of Genesis. When our father Jacob blesses his...
  • 'Shema Yisrael' Jewish Bracelet for Men by HaAri

    This unique Jewish bracelet is a beautiful gift for a special man or a woman in your life. Made from leather string, a gold and silver plate features bold lettering...
  • Made With Love In Israel

    All our Kabbalah jewelry is handmade with love in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

  • Bracelet of 'Creation' by HaAri

    Masterpiece Jewel, made of 7 different links of gold and silver with the story of Creation. Each link is  Delicate work of art, portraying on of the 7 days of...
  • Kabbalah inspired Bracelet by HaAri

    This beautiful Kabbalah bracelet is made of Sterling silver and leather. The closer is a silver round plate. The closer is Hebrew carved lettering in Rashi script: Aleph-Lamed-Dalet, which is...
  • Silver & leather Protection Kabbalah Bracelet by HaAri

    The simple yet unique Kabbalah bracelet comes from our evil eye jewelry collection.This unisex kabbalah bracelet is made of leather and Sterling silver. The silver part is inscribed with the...
  • Ana BeKoach Kabbalah Bracelet by HaAri

    This Kabbalah bracelet is a unique Jewish amulet for blessing and empowerment. Made of leather, the unisex Kabbalah bracelet includes a silver and gold disc. The disc features the Star...
  • "Ariel" Jewish Protection Bracelet for Men

    This masculine leather bracelet adorned with lions (Ariel in Hebrew), Kabbalistic blessings and the Priestly blessings is a powerful piece of jewelry for a special man in your life. The...

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