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This necklace is a beautiful piece of Jewish jewelry which carries much meaning.

This unique Jewish amulet is made according to an ancient Kabbalist formula known as the five metals. The five-metals jewelry is considered a virtue for blessing and protection.

The blending of the five metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead) at a certain time in the month draws on powerful energies

The pendant is comprised of three traditional shields that provide positive energies and protection. Each represents one of the three letters that spell out Eve's name in Hebrew (Hava-חוה).:

The first letter Heth, equals to the number 8 in Gematria. Accordingly, Abraham's shield, the outer shield in the pendant, consists of two integrated squares that sup up to eight sides. Abraham shield is traditionally believed to encourage Redemption.

The second shield represents the second letter in Hava's name, Vav, which equals to the number 6. David shield, the shield in the middle, consists of two triangles with six wings. David shield stands for Equality, the surface if the wings us equal to the total surface. David shield enhances inner balance and Redemption of Values.

The third shield, the smallest one, which is called Solomon shield, is a five pointed star which stands for the third letter in Eve's name, Hey, which equals to the number 5. Solomon shield is the Redemption of Act and Beauty.

According to our Sages of Blessed Memory, our names have a great impact on our fate. Our Sages also claimed that human soul has a sinful nature. Have was the first woman to have committed the Sin. In spite of that, Hava turned Punishment into a source of eternal life.

Holding this powerful Jewish amulet close to your body enhances Power, Balance and may transform a positive change in our souls.
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