Five Metals Formula in Kabbalah Jewelry

Five Metals Formula in Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah jewelry combines five precious metals to make a beautiful, powerful piece of jewelry that offers the wearer protection. These elements, Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Tin, combine to make handcrafted Kabbalah pieces some of the best in the world. Many people believe that this unique combination brings forth positive energy that helps to increase the wearer’s luck.

Kabbalah jewelry has its own unique elements and designs, typically featuring inspired Kabbalah motifs or the 72 names of God.  The first Kabbalah ring was made 700 years ago, giving a blueprint for modern day designers. The design of the five elements jewelry is based on ancient Kabbalistic instructions for blessing, protection and success found in the Books of Kabbalah "Sgulot Israel", "ImaletNafsho" and "HaChida".

The Kabbalah and popular Astrology

In fact, Kabbalah does not contradict popular Astrology. The Kabbalah enhances mainstream Astrology by adding another perspective on human nature. Kabbalah astrology is based on the Jewish calendar and on following seven planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Each planet controls two astrological signs, with the exception of the sun and moon which control only one sign each.   The Five Metals and their qualities Each of the five elements has its own special energetic channels.

Each of the metals represents the earthy world and the spiritual world. And so, a specific mixture of gold and silver creates a powerful amulet that activates the influences of the sun - the masculine energy (called "ZeirAnpin"), and the moon - the feminine energy (Malchut). The Kabbalah teaches that the masculine energy and the female energy complete each other in every aspect. The harmonious combination of the five essential elements makes Kabbalah jewelry very appealing to the eye.

Five Metals Kabbalah Jewelry

In order for the jewelry to bestow its powers upon a bearer, the jewelry should be worn close to the skin. If the wearer of the five elements jewelry wishes to bring in a positive change into their life, they should make a wish at midnight on the first Saturday night following the beginning of the month when wearing the jewelry (based on the Hebrew calendar).

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