The Five Metals and Their Uses

The five metals formula in Kabbalah jewelry is an ancient alchemical combination of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Tin. 

The design and creation process of HaAri’s five metals jewelry is based on ancient Kabbalistic instructions found in the books of Kabbalah "Sgulot Israel", "ImaletNafsho" and “HaChida". The five metals are mixed under the potent energy of the new moon to create beautiful and powerful pieces of jewelry that offer the wearer blessings for protection, success, healing, luck and positive energy.


The Five Metals and their Energetic Qualities

Each of the metals represents both the earthly and spiritual worlds, and each has its own energetic qualities.
A specific mixture of gold and silver used creates a powerful amulet that invokes the sun and moon’s energies. The sun relates to masculine energy "ZeirAnpin", and the moon to the feminine energy “Malchut”. The Kabbalah teaches that the masculine energy and the female energy complete each other in every aspect.


Activating Your Five Metals Kabbalah Jewelry

To bring in protection, blessings and success with your five metals Kabbalah jewelry, make a wish or set an intention on the first Saturday night following the beginning of the month (based on the Jewish calendar). This helps align you with the powerful intention setting energy of the new moon, as well as the energy of the new moon under which the five metals were mixed.
Kabbalah jewelry should be worn close to the skin to bestow its powers on the wearer.

Authentic Five Metals Ring


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