Do you have an original Kabbalah jewelry? The jewelry contains high spiritual energies that were charged to it during the careful production process that is preserved in a unique tradition.

In this article we will explain to you how to purify the jewelry and energetically charge it, in order to enjoy the full power that the jewelry has to offer you.

When and how often to perform that process?

The recommended purification of the jewelry is not mandatory, but an important recommendation as follows.

It is recommended to purify and charge the Kabbalah Jewelry on the day the moon begins to fill where you live, for 24 hours. The process can also be performed at any time you want to charge the jewelry energetically.


The Purifiying & Charging proccess - step by step

Remove the jewelry, clean it with a damp cloth and gently.

Immersion in a glass of water - fill a large glass with a considerable amount of water (so that the water has a volume of at least 40 times the volume of the jewelry) - and put the jewelry into the water gently, dipping and removing it 3 times. Then wipe the jewelry gently. It is recommended that the water come from a kitchen faucet (and not from the toilet).

During the rainy season - collect rainwater directly into a glass, and immerse the jewelry in this water instead of tap water. 

Wipe and dry the jewelry very gently.

Place the jewelry after cleaning and purification - in a clean and empty glass cup  for 24 hours the gems can absorb the energy of the moon and the sun.

            Is it necessary to purify and charge the Kabbalah jewelry?

            Indeed, our Kabbalah Jewelry contains sublime lights that are embodied wth them; both from the unique production time that allows the special connection of the metaphysical energy into the jewelry, and from the jewelry's content - holy names, verses and/or gems.

            At the same time - in our day-to-day life, we sometimes encounter negative energies, from negative feelings and thoughts that come from us, and from negative spiritual influences that come from around us.

            To renew the jewelry's ability to give us the aura of protection and blessing - it is recommended to perform the purification and charging from time to time and as we mentioned above.

            How can we preserve the spiritual energy in the jewelry in a better way?

            Since your Kabbalah jewelry transmits spiritual energy - give it the 'respect it deserves' by attuning yourself to the same wave that the jewelry transmits. If, for example, your jewelry is intended to provide mental balance - when you wear the jewelry, try to do mental inner work on your part to strive for this balance. The jewelry will give you reinforcement for the action you perform, it is not a substitute for this action.

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