Ana BeKoach is an ancient prayer, dating hundreds of years ago. In this prayer, the speaker asks for God's redemption of the Jewish people. The song is thought to be composed by the great kabbalist, Rabbi Nehunia Ben Hakannah.

The Power & Affect

According to traditional belief, it holds powerful energies that can affect our lives and work as a kind of meditation code. According to Kabbalah, through its special energies, Ana BeKoach mediates between the spiritual and the material worlds.

The growing interest in Kabbalah teachings has drawn much attention to this prayer. It has even entered mainstream Judaism, compared to other Kabbalistic tools, and can now be found in every Siddur. The prayer is integrated into the morning and evening prayer (Shacharit and Mincha) and also as part of the Kabbalat Shabbat service.

The Structure

Kabbalah explains that the prayer’s seven verses bring us back to the pure energy that existed in the world at the time of Creation. The Ana BeKoach meditation can help the praying person regain control, put order in life's chaos, and bring about positive change in their lives.

Inscribing Ana BeKoach prayer on jewelry and accessory creates a powerful amulet that can be found in a variety of Kabbalah and Jewish jewelry.This powerful prayer is attributed to Rabbi Nehumia who wrote it in the first century.

The reason behind it

Rabbi Nehumia assumed that the day would come when people lose some of their spirituality. In that state, he concluded, people would not be able to grasp Kabbalist meditation codes. Therefore, Rabbi Nehumia had written this prayer using the first letter of each word according to the order of the 42 letter name.

The 42-letter name is encoded in the Bible from the first psalms of the book of Genesis. Ana BeKoach is composed of seven sentences, six words each. The first letters of each word comprise the 42 letters that spell out one of God's many sacred acronyms.

After the seventh verse, an additional verse is said in a whisper to draw together the positive energy while driving away conflicting and negative forces. This serves to “activate” the prayers purpose and power. The verse: ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד which reads, "Baruch Shem Kevod Malchuto Le'olam Va'ed”, literally means "Blessed is the Name of the Glory of His Kingship, forevermore".

The Origion

The code of Ana Be-Koach’s sacred name comes from the Book of Genesis, starting with the first word, Bereshit (at the beginning).The structure of the prayer implies the secret methods that God used when He created the world. Complete understanding of the power of the prayer involves cosmic mathematics. Each of the seven sentences of the prayer represents a day in the week of God’s creation of the world. Each sentence correlates to an astrological sign. Meditating with this blessing takes back to the place of pure energies that characterized the world at time of Creation. In reciting this prayer we draw some of this spiritual energy into our present existence.

Every sequence of the seven combinations channels a different energy level. Every combination has its own unique feel and quality. Each combination has a corresponding astrological sign.

How to Use the Prayer correctly

The Ana BeKoach prayer is described as very powerful. It should be recited in a calm state of mind, with specific goals in mind. Carrying this powerful amulet constantly connects you to an intense source of energy. Many Kabbalah jewelry and accessories incorporate a portion of the prayer. By bearing it on or close to your body, you increase your chances of bringing positive change into your life, overcoming obstacles, and gaining control over your life.

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