It is easy to find a vast selection of unique Kabbalah jewelry pieces all over the Internet as they are becoming more and more popular globally. And Kabbalah rings are a great way to express personal faith while portraying a sense of style. These rings include traditional Jewish motifs, such as the renowned Star of David or the Hamsa hand. As such, these rings are worn for their association with positive energy.

Described below are prominent features found in many Kabbalah rings:
Jewish rings typically include the Star of David, otherwise known as the Magen David. The word “Magen” means a protector or a shield, and is generally a reference to the shape of King David's shield. The Star of David is a hexagram or the grouping of two equilateral triangles. As per tradition, the six-pointed star that was utilized as a shield by King David and his warriors brought about security and led to great victories. Consequently, people wear the Star of David for divine protection.
The Hamsa hand, also known as the Hamesh or the protective hand of God, is worn for fortification and sanctification.
Many Kabbalah rings also contain famous Jewish inscriptions that are believed to bring fortification to the wearer. Inscriptions include Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel) and Tefillat Haderech (The Traveler's Prayer). Jewelry containing this inscription is popular with businessmen and businesswomen.

Kabbalah’s Spiritual Keys
Modern designers pay careful attention when it comes to the Kabbalah's spiritual keys and sacred texts. Kabbalah teachings inspire the creation of many Jewish rings. Rings can be inscribed with Hebrew words that have Kabbalist meaning, such as the 72 names of God. These spiritual keys are believed to release positive energies.

Kabbalah jewelry pieces are becoming more and more popular and many pieces are worn for their association with positive energy. Kabbalah rings provide individuals with a wonderful way to express personal faith while portraying a keen sense of style.

We have gathered here a beautiful collection of Kabbalah rings, all designed for protection and blessing

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