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SKU CODE: P-065s
5 Metals Star of David pendant by HaAri Kabbalah jewelry

This gorgeous pendant, made from Sterling Silver , is decorated with 9 K gold Star of David with a chrysoberyl gem.

The round silver frame is engraved with Ben Porat Yosef Alei Ayne. This phrase is taken from the book of Genesis. When Jacob blesses his youngest son, he calls him "Ben Porat Yoseph", which means a fruitful son (Genesis, 49:42). Since Joseph is considered righteous in Jewish tradition, it has become a custom to use his name as a virtue for blessing and protection.

Turquoise is considered to hold special energies, and is widely spread as a protection amulet. Turquoise is believed to bestow wealth and prosperity upon its bearer. It is also a symbol of love and friendship.
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