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The Star of David pendant is a specially designed gold pendant, set with the ruby ​​stone, which is good for fertility and fertility, and is also known as the stone of courage.
The Star of David in Judaism is one of the main and best known symbols
It is a symbol that every Jew in the world has adopted and symbolizes being part of the Jewish people, an inseparable symbol
From our being as Jews, to guarding and protecting the balance between the spiritual and the physical.

The Star of David, is not only a symbol of protection, which according to tradition was the form of David's shield, but also a symbol of harmony, wholeness and the creation of the world.
The shape of the Star of David is formed from two triangles, one facing the sky and the other the earth. One symbolizes the feminine energy and the other the masculine energy and both together create wholeness and harmony.
Also available with emerald for growth and development
Also available in sliver.
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