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  • Authentic 5 metals ring
  • Gender: Unisex.
  • Handmade of silver 
  • Hebrew-inscribed with the 72 Names of God

    Take a look at this stunning, authentic 5 metals ring.  The ring beautifully features an energetic stone, the Chrysoberyl. The Chrysoberyl, also known as the Cat's Eye is believed to provide protection from negative energies.

    The inner side of the ring is inscribed in Hebrew with two three-letter combinations, a Kabbalist spiritual tool that is used to enhance positive changes in various aspects of life. The two names are: Aleph-Lamed –Dalet – a virtue for protection from the evil eye and ill will, and Shin-Aleph-Heh – a 'segula' for finding love and strengthening relationships. 

    The ring is engraved along the side in Hebrew with biblical verses: The first is "let me hear thy voice" ( HaShmi'ini et Kolech) from Song of Songs, 2. The second verse is : "Arise, shine, for thy light is come" ( Isaiah, 60). 


    We measure the size of all our rings with an industry standard jeweler's mandrel. The charts below convert the actual ring size (Size mm) into some of the popular internationally recognized sizes. If you cannot find a size in the charts that you are familiar with, please contact us.

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