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This unique handcrafted pendant is made from five metals, according to the Kabbalist formula. At the heart of the pendant, a Star of David with a Chrysoberyl gem (Cat's Eye). The pendant is beautifully engraved with the 72 sacred names of God. 
The 72 names of God are three-letters sequences, taken from the book of Exodus, which were developed by Kabbalists. The 72 names of God is a spiritual key that is believed to draw powerful energy and enhance positive changes in various aspects of life. The pendant is inscribed with 3 of the 72 Names:

The Peh-Aleph-Yod sequence is used as a virtue for abundance and success.Alef-Lamed-Dalet is traditionally believed to ward off the Evil Eye. 

Mem-Hey-Shin is believed to possess a special quality for bringing health and cure. 

The Samech-Aleph-Lamed sequence is used as a virtue for abundance and success.  

In Kabbalah, the five metals jewelry is also considered to be a powerful tool for bringing about positive changes in our lives. The blending of the five metals: Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead draws on powerful energies. The Star of David is decorated with an energetic stone - a Chrysoberyl gem (Cat's Eye). In Jewish tradition, The Chrysoberyl is believed to bring good luck and abundance for the ones who wear it. 

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