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Ha'Ari handcrafts unique Kabbalah necklaces and Jewish necklaces made from precious metals and energetic gemstones. Our Kabbalah necklaces feature Jewish symbols for positive energies, like the Star of David and psalms from holy sources. Ha'Ari also includes Kabbalist spiritual keys such as the 72 names of God and the Merkabah in our unique designs to help bring blessings and protection into your life.

Ha'Ari Kabbalah

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  • Shema Yisrael Star of David Disc Pendant

    This one-of-a-kind Star of David pendant is entirely handmade from silver. The pendant is engraved in Hebrew at the front with the prayer Shema Yisrael. The other side is inscribed...
  • Jewish Jewelry The Shield Of Elijah Pendant for Health and Cure

    Set with a Chrysoberyl gem this amazing Star of David is made of silver and gold. The pendant is engraved with two verses in Hebrew."Heal her now, O God, I...
  • Ben Porat Protection Necklace

    This handcrafted Jewish & Kabbalah necklace is made of sterling silver. The necklace is Hebrew carved lettering in Rashi script: Aleph-Lamed-Dalet, which is one of the 72 names of God...
  • Woman of Valor Necklace

    This beautiful pendant is a wonderful gift for the woman in your life. Made of sterling silver and 9K gold, the pendant is inscribed in Hebrew with a portion of...
  • Hamsa Necklace for Matchmaking

    This unique Hamsa necklace is an exclusive design by HaAri studio. Made of sterling silver and 9K gold, the pendant is shaped as a  beautiful Hamsa hand. Hamsa hand is...
  • 72 Names of God Love Kabbalah Pendant by HaAri

    This exceptional Kabbalah pendant is made of Sterling Silver, the outer ring is made of 9 K Gold. Both sides of the pendant are engraved with a three-letter combination in...
  • Made With Love In Israel

    All our Kabbalah jewelry is handmade with love in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

  • Kabbalah Necklace for Love and Matchmaking by HaAri

    This drop-shaped Kabbalah pendant is designed for love and matchmaking. Beautifully incorporated with the Star of David motif, the pendant is made of sterling silver . The Kabbalah pendant features...
  • Ruth Pendant Gold & Silver Hamsa Pendant Set with Turquoise

    This Hamsa pendant is made of two parts, one is from shaped as gold Hamsa hand and the other from silver. At the heart of the Hamsa is a turquoise...
  • Hebrew inscribed Ana Bekoach Star of David Necklace

    This gorgeous Jewish jewelry, made from Sterling Silver, is decorated with 9K gold Star of David. The round silver frame is beautifully hand engraved with the entire text of the...
  • Gold Plated 'Shema Yisrael' Pendant

    Take a look at this beautiful Jewish amulet! This unique pendant comes from our exclusive collection of handmade Jewish jewelry. The pendant features the Shema Yisrael prayer (Hear O Israel)....
  • "Star Abundance" Silver Pendant set with Ruby

    This gorgeous Star of David pendant is truly unique. The Star of David is formed by six segments beautifully linked together. The Star of David in this design symbolically connects the...
  • Kabbalah Jewelry for Protection and Fulfillment by HaAri

    Made of sterling silver and 9 K gold, this kabbalah jewelry is a unique Jewish amulet for protection and safeguard. The front of the pendant is beautifully inscribed in Hebrew...
  • Ha'Ari Kabbalah


  • Antique-Style Jewish Amulet for Protection

    Set with onyx stone, this stunning Jewish pendant is meant to bring protection and blessing. Wrapped around the onyx stone, the 9K gold band is engraved in Hebrew with the...
  • Heart Shaped Necklace with Daughter's Blessing

    This beautiful necklace will make a unique gift for a Bat Mitzvah. The heart shaped necklace is inscribed in Hebrew with the famous blessing that fathers recite to their daughters:"May...
  • Daughter's Blessing Pendant with a Garnet Stone

    This heart shaped pendant is a remarkable gift for a beloved daughter. The pendant is beautifully set with a garnet stone. Along the pendant a verse in Hebrew is engraved:"May...
  • The Good Eye Silver Pendant with Gold & Amethyst

     On the side of the pendant is engraving the verse, "Make a sign for me for good" (Psalm 162) In Jewish sources, the good eye is an eye that looks...
  • Silver Ten Sephirot Kabbalah Pendant

    This one-of-a-kind Kabbalah pendant s made of sterling silver and 9K gold and set with precious gems according to the ten sephiroth scheme.  The stones represent the ten sephiroth ,...
  • Kabbalah Merkabah Necklace by HaAri

    The Merkabah design 9k Gold pendant is an amulet that provide the wearer with protection in all directions. Buy now for someone you want to be protected.
  • Tree of Life Kabbalah Locket Necklace by HaAri

    This drop-shaped necklace is made of sterling silver and set with precious gems according to the ten sephiroth scheme. This form of a tree represents the Kabbalah. The tree in...
  • Star Of David Love and Matchmaking Pendant - HA'ARI JEWELRY

    Star Of David Love and Matchmaking Pendant

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  • Star Of David Love and Matchmaking Pendant

    Made from sterling silver, this drop-shaped pendant is designed for love and matchmaking. This unique piece features the Star of David motif which is believed to bring protection and blessing...
  • Gold Hoshen Disc Pendant

    Handcrafted from 9 K gold, this unique amulet is set with the Hoshen stones. The Breastplate was first worn by the High Priests of the Israelites, the Kohens, in the...
  • Double Hamsa Hand Pendant - Silver Design

    This Hamsa pendant is comprised of two Hamsa hand designs, made of sterling silver. Along the Silver Hamsa hand there are delicate palm lines engraved with their corresponding meaning :...

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