Zeir Anpin Malchut Jewish Pendant by HaAri

This unique Jewish pendant is made of Sterling silver with gold lettering in Hebrew that spells out the sacred phrase Zeir Anpin-Kingdom (Malchut). 

According to Kabbalah, the masculine principle is called "Zeir Anpin". The man is comprised mostly with Zeir Anpin energies and a small element of feminine principle, called kingdom (Malchut). The woman is a kingdom with a small element of Zeir Anpin. The masculine energy and the female energy complete each other in every aspect to bring balance and harmony. 

This pendant is a powerful talisman that mediates between these two principles. Bearing a Zeir Anpin pendant strengthens the bond between two partners.

Diameter: 0.9 in. (2.3 cm.)
Materials: .925 silver, 9K gold
Gender : Unisex