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Ha'Ari handcrafts unique Kabbalah necklaces and Jewish necklaces made from precious metals and energetic gemstones. Our Kabbalah necklaces feature Jewish symbols for positive energies, like the Star of David and psalms from holy sources. Ha'Ari also includes Kabbalist spiritual keys such as the 72 names of God and the Merkabah in our unique designs to help bring blessings and protection into your life.

Ha'Ari Kabbalah

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  • Shema Yisrael Necklace Jewish Jewelry

    This handmade Jewish necklace uniquely features the powerful Jewish prayer Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel). The first verse of the prayer is widely known by its Hebrew version. The prayer...
  • HaAri Jewelry,Reverse Merkava small pendant

    Four shields of David envelop the physical world; all four are intertwined and facing the sea and being charged north and forward. This magnificent pendant bring to you the energy...
  • Gold Ten Sephirot Kabbalah Pendant by HaAri

    This Kabbalah necklace is truly unique. Handmade from silver and 9K gold the piece is beautifully set with precious gems according to the Ten Sephiroth scheme, a powerful Kabbalist motif....
  • Secret Of Merkabah Pendant Kabbalah Jewelry by HaAri - HA'ARI JEWELRY

    Secret Of Merkabah Pendant Kabbalah Jewelry by HaAri

    The secret of the Merkabah is a powerful talisman to anyone who is interested in spirituality. The pendant is made from silver and inscribed with the 72 Names of God....
  • Shield of Abraham Protection Kabbalah Pendant

    This Kabbalah pendant is a truly unique piece. The two part, 9K gold and silver, beautifully form an inner Star of David. The round disc is Hebrew engraved with a...
  • Made With Love In Israel

    All our Kabbalah jewelry is handmade with love in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

  • Ruth Pendant Gold & Silver Hamsa Pendant Set with Amethyst

    This Hamsa pendant is made of two parts, one is from shaped as gold Hamsa hand  and the other from silver. At the heart of the Hamsa is an Amethyst gem....
  • True Love Star of David Pendant -

    This stunning Star of David pendant is specially designed for the lovers amongst us. A sterling silver Star of David hangs on a 9K gold drop shaped pendant. The Kabbalah...
  • Rachel's Heart Kabbalah Jewelry by HaAri

    It is a beautiful heart shaped locket, made of sterling silver and 9K gold. The front of this unique Kabbalah pendant is inscribed in Hebrew with one of the 72...
  • Prosperity Pendant With Onyx

    Check out this unique piece in a unisex design! This one-of-a-kind Kabbalah pendant is a virtue for prosperity and success. Made of silver and gold, the pendant is set with...
  • "If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem" Pendant

    This remarkable pendant comes from our handcrafted collection of Jewish jewelry. It is beautifully inscribed by the famous Jewish vow to keep Jerusalem at heart: "If I forget thee O...
  • Jewish Jewelry HaCohanim Blessing Star of David Pendant - HA'ARI JEWELRY

    Jewish Jewelry HaCohanim Blessing Star of David Pendant

    This beautiful amulet for protection is made of silver and 9K Gold. The piece was made by a careful blend of fine metals that brightly shine in contrasting colors. The gold...
  • Ha'Ari Kabbalah


  • Hoshen Crown Pendant

    Take a look at this magnificent piece! Handmade from 9 K gold, this beautiful charm is set with the Hoshen stones.The Hoshen are considered to represent the heart. They are...
  • Zeir Anpin Malchut Jewish Pendant by HaAri

    This unique Jewish pendant is made of Sterling silver with gold lettering in Hebrew that spells out the sacred phrase Zeir Anpin-Kingdom (Malchut). According to Kabbalah, the masculine principle is called...
  • Eshet Chayil Jewish Necklace

    This magnificent necklace is a wonderful gift for a Jewish woman. Handmade from silver, the pendant is engraved in Hebrew with a portion of the song Woman of Valor (Eshet...
  • The Ten Sefirot Magen David Necklace by HaAri

    This remarkable Star of David necklace is made of sterling silver and gold. The piece features the ten Sephiroth ,which are ten divine channels that take part in the creation...
  • Ruah Hadofek Kabbalah Jewelry by HaAri

    This inspiring piece of jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. The front is engraved with the names of the twelve tribes of the Israelites. The back side is engraved...
  • Ben Porat Amulet Case Pendant by HaAri

    This unique amulet case pendant is designed for protection and blessing. The silver case holds a parchment inside that is beautifully inscribed in Hebrew with the blessing Ben Porat Yoseph.The...
  • Pomegranate Pendant Abundance by HaAri

    Made of sterling silver, this beautiful necklace is a virtue for abundance and success.  The pendant is shaped as a pomegranate - a prominent Jewish motif.As described in the bible,...
  • Magen David Pendant for Prosperity by HaAri - HA'ARI JEWELRY

    Magen David Pendant for Prosperity by HaAri

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  • Magen David Pendant for Prosperity by HaAri

    Set with a Chrysoberyl gem (Cat's Eye) in the middle, this beautiful piece is designed for good fortune and prosperity. The golden Star of David is made of five metals following...
  • Kabbalah Pendant for Positive Thoughts by HaAri

    Take a look at this beautiful Kabbalah necklace! The gorgeous talisman is made of silver, with an inner ring is made of 9K Gold.  The pendant is beautifully inscribed in...
  • Positive Changes Kabbalah Pendant

    This unique Kabbalah pendant is made of sterling silver. The inner ring is made of 9K Gold. Both sides of the pendant are engraved with a three-letter sequence in Hebrew...

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